Over the Easter weekend Tom surprised me with a watch from Rosefield. This brand had been plaguing my fb ads for the longest time and it had turned into a lil bit of a running joke between us.

I had just woken up, was innocently minding my own business when he opened the door and threw this little box as me from across the room….

I wanted to wait until your birthday but thats in October and i’m impatient.

Inside the box was the watch, all back and very shiny. I’ve never really worn watches but, in that moment – I knew – if I did, this would be the kind I would wear.

Its sleek design paired with the colour, in theory, means that it will pretty much go with any item of clothing I could ever wear. Im not sure if thats true or not, but I have been wearing it a whole lot and no-one has stopped me and specifically said “your watch really doesn’t match your outfit” and I am going to take that as a win.

I can’t tell you how the watch was packaged for shipping as I wasn’t the one to receive it from the postman, but the watch itself came in a black box. Very minimalistic. The Rosefield name was embossed on the front – i’m afraid my pictures just don’t quite do it justice. It was very pretty.

Inside there was also a certificate of authenticity and a card encouraging you to use the hashtag


Something I may or may not take advantage of on instagram once this post has gone up….

Rosefield themselves are based in Amsterdam, but have a lot to do with New York’s thriving design culture. Like a lot of Dutch businesses, their ethos is to make quality watches, but at a slightly more reasonable price to other companies. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not the cheapest out there, but the quality of it really sets it apart from other watches at their price point. Their design is unique, yet something quite familiar, which putting that alongside the fact they’re made really well, I like them.

I’m sure as you’ve viewed this page, and it has the word ‘Rosefield’ written on it, that their ads will plague your existence for the next few weeks (Their marketing seems to be really effective) but if not, you can find their website here. They do have a few shops that stock them around the UK, so make sure to have a look at one yourself if you get the chance!

They have lots of different styles but this watch in particular is The Mercer.

– han