We’ve been a little quiet recently… When we started this blog together, we wanted to try and stick to a schedule of posts that would mean we’d have a new post for you all every four days, and though there have been some blips, on the whole we’ve managed to stick to that! Until, well, the past two weeks happened! Let me explain…

A couple of months ago Han came back from a blogging event in Liverpool, called CarnLIVal. On the back of being able to meet up with a bunch of likeminded people, and generally have a good time, one of the ideas of the event is to equip bloggers with various products from different businesses who get involved – one of these businesses was Mr Lee’s Noodles. She brought back a pot of their healthy instant noodles, and with them being gluten free, gave them to me to devour… and oh boy did I.

They were super good. I won’t go on too much, as I’ve already done just that in one of our previous posts, but it meant that the post was created, and friends were made over email at Mr Lee’s Noodles. Fast forward a few weeks, and they had a job role that they were advertising. After talking and dreaming a little with Han, I applied. Ready for change, it felt like a cool thing to do – I really quite love the brand they’ve built up down there, and the people seem lovely too, so it felt right to try and jump on board.

Bournemouth as a city also has quite a big filmmaking crowd, which is something I adore in my spare time, and the blogging scene down there seems to be so much more than it is in the midlands. For both Dayvelle and Hxanou (Han’s blog) we believed it would be a good move, and that it could open up all sorts of doors for the two of us. With all that said – within a few weeks of Skype interviews and emails, they offered me the job! Hence, we’ve been away a little while!

The business is located on the south coast of the UK, in the city of Bournemouth. Han lives with her parents in Leicester, and I live with mine in Shrewsbury… So… This is kinda of a big deal! It’s super scary, terrifying in fact, but so exciting. In the week leading up to moving we found some temporary accommodation for a couple of months down there, living in a house share with another couple about a mile away from where my new workplace will be. Once we’re a little more settled we’ll start looking for a more permanent apartment for us both, which will be a whole new story to tell!

We’re both so excited with where this is all going to lead. In the more immediate future it’s going to be made up of exploring a whole new city, a new job with what seems to be an incredible team of people, making new friends, collaborations with different bloggers, and a whole lot of chilling on the beach. We. Can’t. Wait.

Stay tuned.