This post is long overdue, in so many different ways, but for good reason. First things first let’s get into talking about this item I’ve been wearing on my wrist for the past few months, afterwards however, an explanation for our absence, a showcase of what we’ve been up to, and a sneak peak of what is to come. You see, it’s not just one good reason for why we’ve been away, but a few. Some positive, some not, but still – here we are.

Quite a while ago I approached a brand that had been all over my Instagram, named Nomad. Producers of rugged, life-hardy, quality leather and silicon cases for Apple products, I’d taken quite a shine to the image the company was putting out, and upon first seeing it, desperately wanted the Watch-strap seen everyday now on my wrist.

I was hyped when Nomad came back to me, agreeing to sending me a strap of my choice in return for this very blog post. From the start I told them it may be a couple weeks before I started writing, as I really wanted to see how the product would wear over time, as to me (a lover of most things leather) the wear is very much part of the look. What I never meant to happen was for it to take this long to get to writing the post, but what it has meant is that I can talk not only about the wear, but just how it fares over a long expanse of daily life.

Nomad are all about selecting the perfect material for the job. They like to keep things thin, light, but most of all strong and durable, and all of the above I’ve found in my Horween-leather Modern Strap. Over time the patina has developed something awesome with the knocks and scrapes of life, whilst still feeling as strong as the day it arrived. One of the first things I do whenever I get a new leather phone case is throw it down a few concrete staircases (I don’t condone or advise this, many phones have died in the process) to get the right look for the leather.

The steel lugs and buckle still look brand new, testament to their quality after the hell they’ve been put through. Excluding the odd lazy Sunday, I’ve genuinely worn this strap every single day since I got it. From falling off bikes, to drilling holes in walls, to accidentally grating my skin off when making cheesy nachos, it’s most definitely stood the test of time, and gives me every bit of confidence that it will continue to do so.

Forgetting all of that however, it still looks great. I originally wanted it due to how it transforms the appearance of the Apple Watch. It takes something technologically sophisticated, something somewhat sporty, an item of the future perhaps, and returns it to a look filled with authenticity and heritage. As I’ve said before, I’ve always loved leather items.

Tanned leather, new or old, I really believe to be timeless, an adjective quite fitting for a watch strap. Fashion changes but quality, authentic leather seems to just keep going. Quality is always in fashion.

As a cyclist I’ve always been a fan, and own much of the range created by Brooks, all of which hand-carved leather, even down to owning their (slightly ridiculously expensive) bags. If I were to describe my aesthetic, or at least my ideal one, it would very much be monochrome with the depth of a brown leather to accessorise, and that’s exactly what the strap gives me. As well as something to hold my watch on my wrist.

Oh, and a word on the Apple Watch itself – No, no one needs one. It does almost nothing that the phone in your pocket already gives you, but damn is it cool. Not sure how I’d cope without it.

So there are my thoughts on the Modern Strap for Apple Watch, by Nomad. A huge thanks for the opportunity (and the strap!) and a huge apologies for the post going up so late to the guys there, they seriously rock and I’m already eyeing up their Apple Watch charging stand for my bedside table… If you want to get your hands on some of their gear, and I highly recommend you do if you’re anything like me, then make sure you pay a visit to their online store. For sweet visual vibes you can also hit up their Instagram.

Now for an explanation. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a little while now, due to a few different reasons, but the main one is I’ve been struggling somewhat with trying to find time to get away from it all – something I desperately need. Work is getting seriously exciting, lots going on there I can’t wait to talk about here on the blog, and other things such as my new film production company are equally exciting. Something unforeseen however has been just how unlucky both Han and I have been health-wise over the past couple of months.

Han, as you may or may not know, has an illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), which the hot weather of Summer leaving the UK aided her in taking a turn for the worse. Not only that, but I’ve had more than my fair share of slip ups with my gluten-free diet, leading to my Coeliac’s Disease to punish my body. Quite the healthy couple we have been! It’d be lovely to say all of that is behind us, it’s not, though things are looking a little better at the moment, and so hopefully you’ll be hearing from the two of us right here on the blog in the not-t00-distant future.

– Tom