While in London, Tom and I decided to introduce Eléonore to Bills Restaurant. A chain that I have grown to love in the past year or so – it does some very reliable fries and has quite the gluten free menu. I have done a couple of posts about it on hxanou but figured hey…. whats one more!?

Plus I got some cool shots I wanna show.

As you probably read in my post *the french penpal* I hadn’t seen Eléonore in a few years so it was quite the celebration. We decided to spend 110% of our budget for the weekend and get a bottle of prosecco to share. It was nice. Mostly got it for the photos.

You could say i’m a little bit of a Bill’s veteran, I first discovered the chain while visiting Birmingham in early 2016. Since then i’ve made it my mission to drag any and everyone I know to wherever the local Bills may be. Its  a chain – which, as the self proclaimed picky eater queen, I love – and the food is good for the price. I’ve never had a bad meal there. They have a fab aesthetic, and at every single location i’ve been to its just.. very chill. Feels almost a lil bit like home.

(or maybe thats just cause I go there so much)

Anyway, back to this Bills. We went to their location in Soho, which I only really knew from Kim Ks mobile game. Did not bump into Kim K – was very disappointed.

I had snacked all the way on the trip to London so I wasn’t that hungry but I still found room for some of their super moreish skin-on fries. Tom had a steak and Eléonore had a sharing dish, it was all very visually pleasing. I must have spent a good almost ten minutes taking food while Tom and Eléonore bonded over just wanting to eat. I bring people together. I unite people….. against me and my need to take photos of all the food.

For dessert Tom and I both had our favourite – gluten free brownie and ice cream. We are creatures of habit and you know what.. it works. They have one of the best gluten free brownies, and this one in particular tasted excellent. I have a sneaky suspicious the three glasses of prosecco played a small part in this one being the best Bills brownie so far, but you’ll hear no complaints from me.

Eléonore had a sundae which managed to avoid the camera but received quite a few compliments.

All in all, it made for a really nice first meal. Really did a good job of starting our London trip off with a bang. The sense of familiarity is always welcome, especially after such a long trip, and it was nice to be able to introduce Eléonore to one of my favourite places.

This restaurant in particular had a very similar vibe to the one in Leicester – which was quite surprising. More restaurant-y and less cocktail bar-y (unlike the one in Birmingham). It was very cosy and welcoming. The staff did an amazing job of making sure all our needs were met, despite how busy they were.

They have quite a few locations all over the UK and 20 in London! You can visit their website here, and the restaurant we visited can be located here:

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