is a joint project between Hannah & Tom, with the aim of creating a little space on the internet for their interests, ideas & lives to be stored in a visual way. The blog consists of four categories: lifestyle, food, style and travel.


20 years old. Libra. Blogger, vlogger, and very much into dogs. Lives in the East Midlands, and is quite the brownie connoisseur. Also known for receiving 210,004,489 notes on tumblr that one time, and can often be found sampling the finest of pink lemonade at Bill’s.


20 years old, professionally I’m a designer & filmmaker, whilst unprofessionally a photographer, occasional musician, but always found on one of my many road bikes, tearing up the roads around my home town of Shrewsbury.

Other hobbies include hiking up mountains to find new places to take landscape photos, a little bit of camping, a whole lot of eating, a tiny bit of going to the gym, a medium amount of gaming and an above average quantity of going to the cinema.

I’ll mainly be writing about anything that interests me. I love telling stories both through words and through photography, so will be doing just that about my many adventures, as well as food and product reviews, with no doubt a heap of travel and tourism based posts to add to the mix.


On occasion, we will publish posts that are sponsored, or with the purpose of reviewing gifted items. Everything that is written in these posts will be 100% our bluntly honest opinion, as I don’t think either of us are that great at lying… Sponsored posts do indeed help the blog keep running, but we will never damage our integrity by tailoring posts to suit the nice people who decide to sponsor us or give us free stuff if we believe otherwise.

We trust that our honest tone, and unique coverage of products through writing and photography will always be the reason businesses will want to collaborate with us, and will also be the reason readers want to stick around to hear more from us.

In compliance with the ASA guidelines for advertorial based content, posts that are sponsored will be marked with ‘Ad’ in the title, and posts revolving around gifted items will have details of these products based within the post it’s self. If you are a business or organisation who wishes to work with us, please make sure to drop us an email at and we will aim to be back in touch as quick as humanly possible