Having recently moved, it probably goes without saying that our savings are pretty much.. non existent. Whilst living with parents we were both very used to always having a little spare cash to be able to go out and do things together, and now not having that, had resided ourselves to the fact that the next few months were going to be pretty darn boring…

…until one of Toms co-workers caught wind of this, and started telling us about all the things you can get up to in Bournemouth without spending a penny. There’s things constantly going on – especially considering it’s currently summer, and the tourists are out in full force.

∴ Summer Fireworks ∴

Every Friday in August, from 10pm onwards, Bournemouth’s airspace is bombarded by an eruption of fireworks, filling the sky. For me personally, I’m not used to seeing fireworks apart from November the 5th, and on the TV come New Year’s Eve, so they kinda retain this special magical feeling.

For the night we attended, we’d run a little late. Tom insisted on making a huge flask of hot chocolate to bring along, and meant we left about 5 minutes before the show was set to start, but if anything I didn’t actually mind all that much.

It made it so we were forced to walk through the gardens, looking up at a sky filled with colour. Seeing these explosions of reds, blues and oranges, set against the skyline of trees, buildings and the wheel made for a perfect way to end a stressful week.

Once we fought our way through the crowds to the beach, we sat down with our hot chocolates in hand and watched these beautiful eruptions of light, placing both Tom and I into a state of childlike awe. To think that all it cost us was a two minute walk to beach…

∴ Summer Live ∴

To be completely honest, Summer Live is something we’ve probably taken for granted over the past couple of weeks. That’s not to say it doesn’t make us smile every time we open our apartment windows and get to hear acoustic sets being played, or feel the chill vibes when walking down through the square to wherever our destination may be.

In an essence, Summer Live is a summer-long acoustic gig and BBQ held in the square. Musicians of all ages and genres take to the grassy stage in a little wooden hut, covered in daises. The music travels all throughout Bournemouth’s town centre, and gives the entire area a festival atmosphere.

As well as the sweet aroma of, well, sweets… One of our favourite moments walking through was during the midst of a thunderstorm, rain pouring down, but still the deck chairs filled with people sitting with their little umbrellas to watch a young girl sing and play her guitar. It gives what has sometimes felt like a busy, impersonal town, a sense of community and homeliness. Something we’ve missed since moving from our tiny villages back up north.

Pair that with the sheer number of renditions of Ed Sheehan’s Thinking Out Loud, living by the sea has never felt more like home.

∴ Candlelight Procession ∴

The last on our list is Bournemouth’s oldest tradition, the Candlelight Procession. After doing a bit of googling, the yearly event originated from when Empress Elizabeth of Austria visited the town and “enjoyed a candlelit walk through the lower gardens”, interesting, huh? Yeah, you get history and all sorts on this blog..

But to you and I, the procession is simply a chill little event, with music streaming from the bandstand, and a whole bunch of people walking around with candles talking about anything and everything. Annoyingly, we didn’t actually get that many photos of the event, as we kinda slipped into it a bit too much… Tom and I had brought a picnic and sat down on the grass not too far away from the main centre of the occasion. Sipping away on juice and eating gluten-free snacks, we simply took in the atmosphere and did a bit of people-watching – our favourite sport.

Ideal for a family evening out, it was just a nice and chill evening. Little exchanges of conversation were had with everyone around us, and the candlelit aesthetic would of been perfect, had we turned our cameras on.

Though they didn’t make it into our three free events, some other little things you can get up to include free yoga in the Central Gardens every Sunday morning between 10 and 11, the Bournemouth Air Festival can be enjoyed from anywhere in the town on the first weekend of September, and finally the obvious: Go to the beach. It goes without saying really with it being a seaside town, but Bournemouth’s beaches are really quite lovely if you know where and when to go… By the pier can be lovely, but often busy, so turn either left or right and have a walk on the promenade to find the quieter areas, build a sand castle, have a swim, and chill out under the sun! …or rain, it’s the UK after all.